Hello my dear friend ,
This is going to be a formal letter to show how much I appreciate every minute of my life with you by my side . I know we haven't hung out or talked in the longest time , but that doesn't change how I feel about our friendship . I know your going through a tough time and I want to be there for you when you need me the most . If you ever just want to hang out and talk to me and let everything out , I'll be there . I read your last post and you stated how you didn't feel pretty anymore and you just cry . Sam , your a beautiful person , inside and out . You may not see it but every one else does . Maybe you don't hear it often , but you are beautiful . My parents and my sister always ask about you . They care . We all care about you . I always say your my best friend . I just want you to be happy . It may be hard but things will get better . I wish I saw you more often in school . I wish we hung out more . I wish you could be happy . I wish you could feel good about yourself . I wish you could feel beautiful because you are beautiful . Your my best friend and never forget that . I love you (: and I promise to be by your side through everything , just how you were with me .


natalia<3 that made my night. thank you sooo much<3 you have no idea things like that mean. we do have to start hanging out period. i miss being so close. i love you soooo much baby girlll. i’m going to bed with a smile on my face(:

i’m starting to think somethings wrong with me. i feel & look soo sickly all of the time. i’m always tired no matter how much sleep i get. my mom doesn’t understand that even when i’m with my friends, i’m lounging around watching movies. i can hardly eat anymore. every time i do, i feel sick. just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. i’m always freeezing. i live with either my north face or a hoodie on. i have noo motivation to do anything. i feel disgusting about myself and don’t feel the need to attempt to “pretty myself up” cause even when i try, nothing helps. i feel extremely depressed all of the time. the littlest things make me cry. i have enough issues trying to get my life on track, trying to figure out what i want right now, who i want, and everything else and there’s soo much more i have to worry about. between having stupid fights with people, people creating unneeded drama, and sensitive people who require me to think about EVERYTHING  i say before i say it. i am not perfect. i make mistakes. i make stupid choices. i say stupid things but lately i feel like everyone expects so much from me and i need to do a lot to get my own life in order before i can handle all of this

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i’ve never cried like that in front of anyone in my life. i guess i really can’t hold in everything. i try so hard for you. nothing anyone ever goes through is nearly as hard as what you go through everyday. i feel really happy that i’m the only person you talk too but eventually, i’m going to need to talk to someone. it broke my heart to hear you say that you will never be happy and that everyday you wake up miserable. i never feel that you’re being over dramatic, i just wish you would cry every time you needed to. it doesn’t help to hold it in and you can’t hold it in forever. last night was one of the craziest nights of my life. i couldn’t even let you go home where you wanted to be. i couldn’t leave you with your drunk sister because it was too dangerous. i had to force you to not go home. every day i see you cry, i can hardly handle it. every day you are upset and every day, at some point i feel like i make it worse. i don’t actually think i do considering i’m the only person you talk to about it and you tell i’m the only reason you’re semi-happy. you will never understand how painful it is to watch someone like you go through the things you do. nothing ever goes right for you and i don’t help that. i would do anything i could to bring her back for you. you told me yourself, you would give your life to see her for a second. i’m happy last night happened and now you have eyeliner all over your white shirt to prove me over and over that i cried in front of you and your the only guy i ever cried in front of. and you still made me smile. stay strong<3

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the holidays with divorced parents..

take 1

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So i was walking past this store and i saw the perfect gift to get for you, but i couldn’t. I can’t gift wrap my reflection.


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Guess who’s coming to my house tonight?

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this made my fucking day.

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i love heels that look like sneakers <3

I don’t really like the “nike heels”…but, these are cute.


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woo hoo!

i know everyone on here has like 300,129,239.23 posts BUT…

i feel very accomplished to sign on and have already had 100 posts.

this is the pointless 101th.


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I always check behind the shower curtain when I go to the bathroom

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it’s funny how things like death bring you closer together.

it still kills me to see you upset about everything but ill always be there for you and i’m kinda glad you know that know.

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